-BREAD & BUTTER -Jyan Isaac country bread with Achadinha Creamery Cultured butter and Adam’s Ranch First Cold-press Olive Oil  7.50-  

-WARM DATES “Dates By Daval” baked, Prosciutto Wrapped Dates & Blue Cheese Stuffed Dates  8.00-

-SPICED CORN BREAD Skillet baked Corn Bread, Bill’s Bee Buckwheat Honey, Achadinha Creamery Cultured Butter, Fresno Chili  9.25-

-WARM OLIVES and ANCHOVIES -Adam’s Ranch warm spiced, herb-infused, lemon crushed Olives, White anchovies, Marcona Almonds, Feta Crumbles and Jyan Isaac Bread 14.75-

-SPRING PEAS AND VEGETABLES MARKET SOUP  Spring Peas, Parsley, Basil, Spinach, Carrots, Zucchini, Asparagus, Coconut milk 11.25-

-ROASTED HARISSA BABY CARROTS Weiser Family Farm Rainbow Baby Carrots with Hummus and toasted pine nuts 14.25-

-LITTLE GEMS CAESAR SALAD Coleman Farms Baby Gems Lettuce,  House made Caesar Dressing, White Anchovies, Shaved Achadinha Creamery Broncha Cheese 14.75-

-ROASTED SPRING HARVEST- seasonal vegetables with Pistachio Puree 19.75-




-CHICKEN LIVER MOUSSE BOARD -House Made Organic Mary’s Farm Chicken Liver Mousse, Roasted Market Fruit, Jyan Isaac Bread, Achadinha Creamery cultured butter & Broncha cheese, seasonal Market jam, Dates by Daval dates, Market fruits, Bill’s Bee Pollen, Quince Paste, Santa Barbara Pistachios  24.25-

-FARMER’S CHARCUTERIE BOARD for 2-Terroirs D’Antan Duck Prosciutto, Wellshire farms Dry Rubbed Black Forest Ham, Andouille  Sausage, Rosette de Lyon  Salami, Brillat-Savarin Delice de Bourgogne, Point Reyes Blue cheese, Achadinha Creamery Broncha cheese, Jyan Isaac Bread, SB Pistachio Co roasted pistachios, Adam’s Ranch Olives, Seasonal Market jam, Quince Paste, Achadinha Creamery cultured butter.  33.75-

-FISH BOARD - Smoked Russian Sturgeon, Spanish White anchovies, Gerard Dominique wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Riga mackerel, Salmon Roe, Wild Cod Liver, Ocean Queen Santa Barbara Uni, Sea Kelp, Whole Grain Mustard, Lemons, Dill 29.75-




-VEGAN MARKET CAULIFLOWER STEAK with Kachumbari Sauce 16.75-

-ITALIAN CAMPAGNA BUFFALO MOZZARELLA with Kenter Farm Tomatoes, Italian Basil and Adam's Ranch Manzanilla Olive Oil. 24.75-

-VEGAN WILD MUSHROOM RISOTTO -Arborio rice with market Mushrooms, white Truffle Oil drizzle and Herbs 23.25-

-SQUID-INK UNI PASTA -Creamy Sea urchin Home Made Black Squid Ink Mafaldine with Smoked Salmon, Salmon Roe and Furikake 25.75-

-SHORT RIB GNOCHI Citrus Braised, Grass-Fed Short Ribs, made in house Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Pomegranate 26.75-

-TORCHED SALMON -Sustainable, Premium Faroe Islands Bakkafrost Salmon (8oz), Roasted Seasonal White Asparagus, Black Quinoa, Beurre Blanc and Ginger Olive Oil      27.75-          

-FILET MIGNON -Grass Fed, Organic Filet Mignon (8 oz) with Weiser Farms Baby Carrots, Miso Potato Espuma and Roasted Wild Mushrooms 32.75-




-FRESH MARKET FRUIT BOWL - seasonal Farmer’s market fruit                          12.75-

-PERUVIAN CHOCOLATE MOUSSE ECLAIR- Coconut Whip Cream, Market Fruits (VEGAN option available)  11.50-

- “SIGNATURE” CHEESE CAKE Choice of VANILLA, PISTACHIO or CHOCOLATE-  House made with a mix of Brillat-Savarin Delice de Bourgogne-Cream Cheese-Crème Fraiche mix 9.25-

-CLASSIC NAPOLEON -Homemade Puff pastry, Vanilla-Caramel Custard, Fresh Market Berries 8.75-  

-CHOCOLATE KARTOSHKA -cacao, vanilla crumble, dark rum, market cherries, jam 7.75-  

-APPLE AND FIGS CROSTATA -Cuyama Farms Apples, Black Mission Figs, Tehachapi Grain Project “Sonora” Flour, Belfiore Creamery ricotta, Bill’s Bee Avocado Honey 13.75-



WE LOVE KIDS (12 and under) 

Kids Butter and Cheese Pasta $7.75

Cheese Pizza Bread $7.75

Pepperoni Pizza bread $7.75

Scrambled egg & sausage, bread $8.25    

Salmon, avocado, bread mini plate $8.25

Almond Butter and Jam Toast $5.75

Chocolate milk $2.50


Due to seasonal availability, ingredients might change without notice (we offer what the farmers bring us…)

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