About our Chef

The Papille Gustative Team would like to introduce you all to our most amazing new chef Wendy Wahito. We are working together for a couple of months now and we are ready to introduce one of the most eclectic, interesting, produce based menu on the west side.
Get to know more about Wendy by reading her bio below. 

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya then moving to Los Angeles and exposing myself 100% into the culinary word both as a career and a lifestyle. I have broadly expanded my palette and with that I have grown to understand and appreciate the traditional East African food I grew up eating. Seeing its authenticity and the history behind each type of ingredient, meal and spice starting from the region it came from and how it came about and passed down to future generations.
I’m Wendy Wahito a Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts graduate, with over 7years experience cooking in different establishments within Los Angeles. I have great passion for this industry starting out as a young food blogger and branching into all aspects of it including catering, modern fine dining in different international cuisines as well as being a private chef to the elite.
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