Appetizers and Salads

-JYAN ISAAC COUNTRY BREAD, Achadinha Creamery Cultured butter, Adam’s Ranch First press Olive Oil.   6.50- 

-ADAM’S RANCH WARM OLIVES spiced, herb-infused, Crushed Olives, Goat Feta and Jyan Isaac Bread 8.75- 

-SAVORY PROFITEROLE House baked puff pastry, Seabear Smoked Sockeye salmon, Drake Family Farm Goat Cheese, Dill, Chives 9.75-

-DIRTY POTATOES Weiser Family Farms Smashed Fingerling Potatoes, Fresh Herbs, Activated Charcoal Powder, Pacific Flake Sea Salt       7.75-

-SPRING PEAS AND VEGETABLES MARKET SOUP Spring Peas, Parsley, Basil, Spinach, Carrots, Zucchini, Asparagus, Coconut milk 11.25-

-PAPILLE NICOISE SALAD  Safe Catch Yellowtail (mixed with White Anchovies, Capers, Celery, Avocado Oil Mayonnaise), Weiser Farms Potatoes, Lily’s Farm Boiled Egg, Adam’s Ranch Olives, Avocado, Shallot-Sherry-Mustard Vinaigrette,   Adam’s Ranch Olives,  Jyan Isaac Bread Danish Rye, Pacific Flake Sea salt 19.75-

-SPRING BURRATA SALAD Belfiore Creamery Burrata, Munak Ranch tomatoes, Persian Cucumbers, Radishes, Avocado, Market Greens, Balsamic Reduction, Adam’s Ranch Olive Oil, Jyan Isaac Country Bread Croutons 18.75-


Danish Rye Bar (Toasted Jyan Isaac Danish Rye)

1-Smoked Salmon, Stracciatella Cheese, Cucumbers, Dill

2-White Anchovies, Avocado, Tobiko Caviar, Radish, Dill

3- Tobiko Caviar, Stracciatella Cheese, Cucumbers, Lemon

4-Chicken Liver Mousse, Pickles, olives           

5.- Spring Peas, Olive oil, Feta Cheese.

6- Tomato Bruschetta, Basil

7- Cod Liver, horseradish Aioli, Chives

8- Sea Urchin (UNI) Avocado, Tobiko Caviar, Watermelon Radish, Lemon 

9-Tuna Salad, Cornichons, Radish   

10-Poached Duck Egg, Arugula, Bearnaise, Cornichons, Radish

9.75-/Piece or 24.25-/Trio



-AVOCADO & EGG TOAST Jyan Isaac Bread country loaf, Ace Ranch organic Hass avocado, Lili’s Farm soft scrambled egg, chives and dill, baby radish, market greens and cherry tomatoes  17.75- 

-CHICKEN LIVER MOUSSE TOAST Jyan Isaac Bread seeded country loaf, House Made Organic Mary’s Farm Chicken Liver mousse, Harry’s Berries seasonal market jam, Santa Monica Farmers Market Seasonal Fruits, Toasted Hazelnuts, Pacific Flake Sea salt                                                16.75-

-ROASTED VEGGIES AND GOAT CHEESE TARTINE Seasonal Farmers Market vegetables, Drake Family Farms goat cheese, Jyan Isaac Bread seeded country loaf, basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, arugula, Adam’s Ranch olive oil.  18.25-

-TUNA SALAD TOAST Safe Catch Line Caught Albacore Tuna, White Anchovies, Capers, Celery, Olive Oil Mayonnaise, Adam’s Ranch Olive Oil, Jyan Isaac Bread country loaf. 18.25- 

 ( or Baked with Point Reyes Blue Cheese for the “ULTIMATE MELT”) 24.75-

-MEDITERRANEAN OMELETTE Lili’s farm pasture raised eggs, Bulgarian Feta, Kenter Canyon Farms Spinach, Munak Ranch Tomatoes, Basil, capers, olives, Jyan Isaac Bread country loaf, mixed grilled veggies, market greens 20.75-

-SMOKED SALMON BENEDICT Jyan Isaac Bread seeded country loaf, sautéed Kenter Canyon Farms spinach, Ace Ranch organic Hass avocado, Gerard Dominique wild Alaskan Sockeye smoked salmon, Lili’s Farm eggs, béarnaise sauce, Tobiko Caviar, Adam’s Ranch olives, dill                                                23.25-

-DUCK PROSCIUTTO BENEDICT Lili’s Farm pasture raised duck eggs, Smoking Goose Duck Prosciutto, Jyan Isaac Bread seeded country loaf, Munak Ranch Tomatoes, Stracciatella Cheese, béarnaise sauce, market greens 24.75-

-BRUNCH GREEN EGG FRITTATA Battered Lili’s Farm eggs, Kenter Canyon Farms Spinach, Drake Family Farms goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, arugula, market greens, Jyan Isaac Bread country loaf, Pacific Flake sea salt 19.75-  

-SAUSAGE & DUCK EGGS Daily Farm sausage, Lili’s Farm pasture raised duck eggs, Weiser Family Farms Fingerling Potatoes, Sautéed Kenter Canyon Farms spinach, Grain Mustard, Jyan Isaac Bread country loaf, Munak Ranch Tomatoes, market greens, Spicy Paprika                                    24.75- 

-BRUNCH PLATE Lily’s farm pasture raised 2 sunny-side-up eggs, Jyan Isaac Bread country loaf, Ace Ranch organic Hass avocado, wild Alaskan SockEye smoked salmon, Stracciatella Cheese, Broncha Cheese, Munak Farm Tomatoes, Weiser Farms Fingerling potatoes, Basil, capers, olives.                                                           19.75-  

-UNI AVOCADO TOAST Ocean Queen Santa Barbara Sea Urchin, Lily’s Farm Scrambled Eggs, Market Avocado, Salmon Roe, Jyan Isaac Bread  23.75-

-FLAME SEARED SALMON -(cooked medium)-Sustainable, Premium Faroe Islands Bakkafrost Salmon (8oz) With Santa Monica Farmer’s Market Greens and Citrus Vinaigrette (Lunch Only 11AM to 2.30PM) 25.75-

-FILET MIGNON & EGGS -(cooked medium)-Grass Fed, Organic Filet Mignon (8 oz) with Scrambled Lily’s Farm Eggs, Weiser Farms Baby Potatoes, Carrots, Avocado, Mixed greens, Bearnaise Sauce (Lunch Only 11AM to 2.30PM) 32.75-



- “Signature” FRENCH TOAST Jyan Isaac Bread country loaf, soaked with Almond Milk, Vermont Maple Syrup, Lily’s Farm Eggs, Farmer’s Market Seasonal Fruits, Harry’s Berries Strawberry Jam, Santa Barbara Co Pistachio, Bill’s Bee Buckwheat Honey and Bee Pollen                                                                                               19.75-

-FARM YOGHURT PARFAIT Achadinha Creamery kefir yoghurt, True North granola, seasonal Farmer’s Market fruit, toasted pistachios, bee pollen, Bill’s Bees Buckwheat honey 14.75- 

-RICOTTA & MARKET JAM TARTINE Farmers Market Jam, Belfiore Ricotta, Jyan Isaac Bread Seeded Country Loaf, Bill’s Bee Almond Blossom Honey and Bee Pollen, Santa Barbara Pistachio Co Toasted pistachios, 12.75-

-ALMOND BUTTER TOAST & MARKET FRUIT Jyan Isaac Bread seeded country loaf, organic almond butter, Farmer’s market fruit bowl, Bill’s Bees Almond bloom honey, bee pollen                                                              13.25-

-GLUTEN FREE WAFFLE Anson Mills Thirteen Colony Rice Waffle Flour, seasonal market fruit, Belfiore ricotta, toasted pistachios, Vermont Organic Maple Syrup, lemon zest                                                16.75-   

-OVERNIGHT OATS & CHIA BOWL Bob’s gluten free oats, chia, organic almond milk, maple syrup, market berries, Bill’s Bees Buckwheat honey 12.75-

-FRESH MARKET FRUIT BOWL Cirone Farms Apples, Tamai Farms strawberries, Blueberries, Bananas, grapes,  seasonal Farmer’s Market fruit 11.25- 

-APPLE and DATES CROSTATA Cuyama Farms Apples, Dates By Daval Medjol Dates, Tehachapi Grain Project “Sonora” Flour, Belfiore Creamery ricotta, Bill’s Bee Buckwheat Honey  12.75-

-GLUTEN FREE LOAF – (choice of APPLE & DATES, BANANA WALNUT, LEMON POPPY, PISCTACHIO & SPINACH) Bob’s Red Mill Rice Flour, Dates By Daval Medjool Dates, House made Date Butter, Bill’s Bee Buckwheat Honey and Bee Pollen, Santa Barbara Pistachio Co Toasted pistachios                                                  8.75-

-“SIGNATURE” CHEESE CAKE Choice of VANILLA,  PISTACHIO, CHOCOLATE  House baked using a mix of Brillat-Savarin Delice de Bourgogne-Cream Cheese-Crème Fraiche               9.25-

-VEGAN CHOCOLATE MOUSSE ÉCLAIR with Coconut Whip Cream and Market Fruits 9.50-

-FRUIT PROFITEROLE House baked puff pastry, Achadinha Creamery Cultured Butter, Market jam, Market fruits, Bill’s Bee Buckwheat Honey and Bee Pollen.   9.75-

-STUFFED CROISSANT – Quince Paste, market fruits, Coconut Whip, Achadinha Creamery Cultured butter   8.75-

-CLASSIC NAPOLEON Homemade Puff pastry, Vanilla-Caramel Custard, Fresh Market Berries     8.75-  

-CHOCOLATE KARTOSHKA Cacao, Vanilla Crumble, Dark Rum, Market Cherries, Jam     7.75-


On The Go

-Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Granola Cookie  3.85-

-Gluten Free Lemon Ginger Granoila Cookie 3.85

-House Baked Maple Vanilla Cookie  3.85-

-House baked croissant (plain, vegan or chocolate)  4.50-



We love kids (12 and under) 

Cheese Pizza Bread $7.75

Pepperoni Pizza bread $7.75

Scrambled egg & sausage,

bread $8.25    

Egg, cheese, veggies and bread $8.25

Salmon, avocado, bread mini plate $8.25

Gluten Free Pancake with almond butter, fruits and maple syrup $7.25

Almond Butter and Jam Toast $5.75

Chocolate milk $2.50



Lily’s Farm hen egg $2.75

Da-Le-Ranch farm duck or turkey egg $3.75

Bratwurst Sausage $7

Smoking Goose Duck Prosciutto $7.00

half Ace Ranch Has Hass avocado $3.50

Slice of Jyan Isaac Bread loaf $2

Side of house cured olives $3.50

Drake Farm goat cheese $4.50

Side of Harry’s Berries Jam $2.95

Side of Achadinha Creamery Cultured Butter $2.95

Bill’s Bee Honey $3

Side of seasonal fruits $7.50

All our ingredients are certified organic. Some of the items might contain nuts or traces of nuts.

Due to seasonal availability, ingredients might change without notice (we offer what the farmers bring us…)        

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